MW Communications Systems

WMRD Construction Project
WMRD 1150-AM

I wish I had some "before" photos of this studio, because this was the most dramatic upgrade of all the projects in this gallery. This is Crossroads Communications' WMRD in Middletown, CT. The Master Control Studio was upgraded the first week of August 2002.

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P8080448.jpg (44018 bytes) WMRD_Wide.jpg (27796 bytes)
The WMRD Master Control Studio received a new Radio Systems Millenium mixing desk, integrated with the Radio Systems DI-2000 dual hybrid. This was my computer rendering of the WMRD studio from a year earlier, based on rough sketches that the owner and I made.
P8020422.jpg (35745 bytes)
The equipment racks in Master Control remained pretty much as they were, but received a coat of paint.
P8080449.jpg (36785 bytes) WMRDview3.jpg (28044 bytes)
Master Control, pretty much as it looks today, with a few finishing trim items to be completed. My computer rendering of Master Control, from a similar angle.
P8020421.jpg (30106 bytes) P8020415.jpg (24750 bytes)
Photos taken during the construction phases.
P8020420.jpg (29447 bytes) WMRDview2.jpg (27733 bytes)
Some photos taken during the heavy construction phases. Another computer model of the proposed facility.
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